My name is Lara and I’m an addict.

Its true, I am addicted to books. I spend hours in bookshops with a coffee looking at all the new releases, selecting the perfect book for the week ahead. I open the books a few inches at a time while I read so as not to damage the spine. I keep them clean. Not just anyone is allowed to touch my books. People have lost fingers for less than a folded corner of one of my pages.

No. A kindle is not the same.

I don’t know if this is something I should openly admit in my twenties but I genuinely think my perfect night is at home with a glass of wine and a new set of 300 pages to get through. If I were to go wild and venture out to something as mad as a party, I’d be the girl who arrives with a book in my bag, because, well you just never know do you.

For me a book is an escape. It is an escape from a world in which we are forced to be on the go all the time. A world in which stress actually kills people and work takes a priority. A world in which we are constantly contacted by one another. We need an escape.

A book is both an anchor in time and ticket to travel through it.

For a chapter or two you can be submerged in someone else’s life, problems, adventures. You’re part of a new world and a world which your imagination designs for you. More so that any movie, podcast, game,  a book allows your creativity and imagination get to work, allows you to fully zone out for 10 minuets, an hour, a day. How ever long you’ve got.

My point here is that, technology is moving faster than we can control and fewer people are taking pleasure in or finding the time for something as simple as reading.

We need It.

Give yourself some time this year and challenge yourself to a book a month or a book every couple of months. I guarantee you’ll feel SO much more relaxed.

I can’t publish this without a few recommendations.

Below are four books I absolutely devoured and they have stayed with me despite being as I mentioned a heavy user. I feel that although each of these books are VERY different in their styles of writing and their stories, they all represent something that I feel we need to give more thought to.

Women who run with wolves by Clara Pinkola Estes 

This is a book which I feel I never stop recommending. I have loaned this out to all my favourite ladies over the past couple of years. It is in a way a self-help book, it is full of fiction and myths, written to empower women and to allow then to access their inner wild. It is an exceptional, unique book which I can genuinely say changed my life a little bit.

Quite a slow start, give it time.

Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller 

I was recommended this to take on holiday last year by one of my best friends. She is a beautifully free spirit. The book totally reflected her and I loved it. This is a story which combines a brutal Greek history, mythology and very sexy controversial love story.

Perfect holiday read,

How to stop time by Matt Haig 

Ok! This book! I know this is a big statement but I’m going to go all out and say its the best book I’ve read. I heard about Matt Haig listening to a new podcast series called Happy Place by Fearne Cotton. He did an episode about mental health and how much he had suffered with depression and anxiety over the past decade, I thought he spoke about it so eloquently and so decided to give his book a go. It is a story of a man who has lived over hundreds of years and therefore seen how life has changed in that time.

Food for thought.

Flawed by Cecilia Ahern

This is not my usual style of book but I thoroughly enjoyed this two-part series. The story is about a society in which ‘flawed’ people are branded and publicly humiliated. They are branded for crimes of humanity, cheating, lying, greed, jealousy. Cecilia Ahern has cleverly written about a genuine problem in society today and made it literal in her book.

Easy to read ficton.

Ponti by Sharlene Teo

This is a debut author I heard about at Cambridge literary festival . She wrote about a young girl growing up in the shadow of her movie star mother in Singapore.

This week I am reading

The water cure by Sophie Mackintosh

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  1. Elizabeth Thomas says:

    I have a favourite book, I read it years ago, bought a hard copy off Amazon to keep, apart from the paperback, lent it to someone and never got it back…….so annoying. It is called Dancing on Thorns, by Rebecca Horsfall. I wrote to the author telling her how much I enjoyed the book, she wrote back to say that she was writing a sequel, I didn’t follow it up, but you have given me the inspiration to do just that. I’ll keep you posted. Love as always x


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