People will always tell elaborate love stories, these unworldly fairy tales have been passed around for as long as time itself, scribbled in to stone, etched in to skin and inked exquisitely on parchment, finding their way, unflawed, to us all.

They travel meticulously through time, through generations of naïve young lovers, to offer hope and a tangible belief in magic. A fantasy which we undeniably all crave.

We are all guilty of retelling an anecdote, an epic narration of someone else’s life, a parody of a dream.

We tell these stories to offer comfort to another, to give the perception that life is fool-proof, paradisiacal and possible.

These stories are embedded with grand gestures, with all consuming romance, limitless adventures and star-crossed lovers. They allow the reader to believe that with the right planning, it will happen to us all.

All we must do is simply kiss a few frogs, grow hair strong enough to climb, sleep for a hundred years or follow the yellow brick road? It’s not too much to ask? Right?

Contrary to these indisputable ideas, I would say that life, love truly begins while we are busy planning something else, while we are occupied and confidently on the road to other things. When we finally forget to look and stop whinging ‘are we there yet’, that is when you find that what you’ve been subconsciously searching for is right under your nose..

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Author to readCecilia Ahern. She writes beautifully unique modern fairytales.

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