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January has traditionally been the time of year for self improvement, it embodies the beginning of the new calendar and so chimes in nicely with that ‘new year, new me‘ mantra. For me however, this apparently obvious decision for everyone to begin anew as January the first rolls around feels arbitrary and possibly even a little silly. 80% of resolutions will be modified, broken or forgotten about all together by the end of the month. It is no wonder when we are  trying during the most testing, depressing and uninspiring part of our year.  

It is important to remember though, that just because resolutions don’t work out for you in January doesn’t mean they don’t work. The problem with January is that it comes directly after our most indulgent period of the year. The party season is  notoriously naughty and a time where we can eat our body weight in mince pies, spend our months budget on sequins and confess undying love to the boss over a boozy lunch, all without a second thought. Because of this, resolutions are normaly along the lines of weightloss, eating healthy, drinking less or saving money. Something which fitness, wellness and financial industries all capitalise on around this period. We set ourselves unrealistic, over ambitious goals and then wonder why we have lost momentum and motivation come the end of January. Of course you can’t bench press your body weight when you have just eaten that much in cheese and crackers.

This year has been like no other. 2020 has demanded big changes from all of us, we have adapted every aspect of our lives. Why not make another change, a change for the better this time starting now as we move in to the fall. 

This week marks the first week of the new season. I don’t know if the idea that September brings change is ingrained in me from the old ‘back to school days’ or it is just as the leaves start to change colour, so does my outlook. September has always felt like the start of a new chapter, it welcomes  the Autumn equinox, the harvest and the new term. As we pack away our summer clothes and prepare to embark on the colder months, we naturally prepare for change in a much more authentic way than we do at any other point of the year. Could September be the new January? Could the natural alterations and progressions we make in September be a revamp on the traditional revolution period? A ‘new season, new me’, if you will. Why not, for this year only, try setting your new goals for this month instead and see if you are able to persevere with them in to the winter and beyond, boosted by the reconstruction of this crazy year and the lingering summer energy.

What will you resolve to change?

Merry September and a Happy new season x

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  1. A few years back I started setting quarterly goals instead of yearly resolutions. It’s worked well for me. Merry September!


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