I have recently finished re-reading the infamous Eat Pray Love. I bloody love this story, I do not know how many times I will read this or how many different things I will take from it but each time I come away from the book rethinking the way I want to live my life and the woman I want to be. If you know this story, thank god. If not, let me give you a brief overview before you go buy it. Eat Pray Love is a memoir written by Elizabeth Gilbert. In her story she has just come out of her marriage and is struggling in the pits of depression. She feels lost, lonely, guilty and in need of something, anything to believe in. She decides to take a year out and travel in search of herself and ultimately a reason to go on. She first visits beautiful Italy to eat away the pain (we all know the healing powers of pasta and gelato right?) Her next stop is an ashram in India where she studies yoga, meditation and a connection with the divine. Her final stop is Indonesia where she allows herself to fall in love again.

Apart from anything else her story is a beautiful reminder that conventional isn’t necessary, that we do not have to follow all traditions and norms to live freely, we can break away from what society tells us is right and become whoever we want to be. Her main message in the story however is one of seeking a different path and giving herself permission to believe in more.

One of my favourite quotes from the book is this: ‘What I’m seeing in some of my friends, though, as they are aging, is a longing to have something to believe in. But this longing chafes against any number of obstacles, including their intellect and common sense. Despite all their intellect, though, these people still live in a world that careens about in a series of wild and devastating and completely nonsensical lurches. Great and horrible experiences of either suffering or joy occur in the lives of all these people, just as with the rest of us, and these mega-experiences tend to make us long tor a spiritual context in which to express either lament or gratitude, or to seek understanding. The problem is-what to worship, whom to pray to?’

This quote is just stunning and so true. I have read and re-read it so many times. It just makes so much sense to me. What do we believe in as adults?! Why do we get to a certain age and all imagination and magic goes straight out the window? Why are we only allowed to believe in logic and facts beyond our eighteenth birthday?

So my question today is this…Do you believe in magic?

Maybe it is because I read so much fiction I have the ability to use my imagination to think beyond the realms of the everyday. Maybe it’s because I grew up on a diet of Harry Potter and Narnia and The Magic Faraway Tree, that nothing has ever felt impossible to me. There is every chance that my letter from Hogwarts is still lost in the post. Maybe it’s because I travelled a lot on my own growing up and found people and places and things that I needed at just the right time in my life. Maybe it’s because I’ve known so much love that I gravitate towards hope and refuse to let go of that. Or maybe it is just because it’s just so obvious to me that this world cannot be anything but magic.

So, yes, I do.

When you live by what you believe in, you not only make a difference in yourself, but also with the people who surround you. When you base personal life-choices on what you believe in, you support the sense that you possess the freedom to be you—you are in sync with yourself despite any of life’s circumstances. If life throws difficulties at you (and it will), every choice you have made through your core belief system allows you to maintain a sense of self-worth and self-confidence. How good. At the root, your core beliefs should never be based upon what others think you should care about. Nor should your personal beliefs consist entirely of what and how the world perceives, models, or patterns things. Personal beliefs and values make up who you are. We all possess a set of core values, which are essentially what we believe in and care about most in the world.

If you believe in magic you allow yourself to believe in the impossible. Things that once felt out of reach become available to you. Don’t let life get in the way of your ability to believe in more. If like Elizabeth Gilbert you are feeling like you need something to new or bigger to believe in and you’re not entirely sure what that could be, consider starting with a list. Write down what you know to be true.

To finish up I will share my little list with you. Here are the things I believe in. In no particular order:

  • I believe that believing in yourself is the ultimate superpower
  • I believe in the power of words
  • I believe that a smile can change a persons day
  • I believe in authenticity
  • I believe the ocean heals
  • I believe that hope is the most powerful emotion
  • I believe in some higher entity that I cannot name with words I know
  • I believe in stories and their ability to connect us
  • I believe we all have the power to make people feel seen and understood
  • I believe in intuition
  • I believe you always feel a little bit better after a good sleep
  • I believe in equality and peace
  • I believe in the soul
  • I believe it is never too late to change, to do something new
  • I believe individuals have the power to make a difference
  • I believe in love
  • I believe in magic

What about you?

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