This morning I woke up to sunshine and blue skies. Spring has sprung and I am here for it. We have a May shaped light at the end of a very long year. Congrats everyone, we made it.

Here are my February reviews and recommendations to take you in to the new season. Hope that some of these titles tickle your fancy and give you some motivation to pick up a book, get back in to reading or escape in to some new pages. Enjoy fellow bookworms.


I liked Olive, didn’t love it. I was actually a little disappointed over all given the massive hype surrounding this novel. Olive has just broken up with her boyfriend of nine years because of one fundamental difference. He wants children, she does not. The book follows Olive and her three best friends as they go from their wild student days to thirty something mothers. Although Olive has a successful career as a writer for a feminist magazine she feels as though she is lagging behind her friends and falling out of sync in other areas of her life. Olive is a light hearted and easy read that toys with some big topics. It enters around the societal pressures women feel in terms of ‘settling’ down and starting a family.


When I posted this on my story last week I had SO many people message me saying how much they had loved this book and it was the novel that got them out of a reading slump. Having finished it I can totally see why, this book is a very fast paced easy read. It is a fun and unique take on the classic who dunnit. 

A Good Girls Guide to Murder follows Pippa on a school project in which she is investigating an old crime. Five years ago school girl Andie was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend Sal. Sal was found dead a few days later after confessing to her murder and killing himself. To the small town this was an opened and closed case, everyone accepted the story and moved on with their lives but something just didn’t sit right with Pippa so when an opportunity arises to investigate as part of a project Pip jumps at the chance. This twisty YA thriller is a must read.


Skin was my January book from @booksthatmatteruk . This is such a beautiful story that really surpassed all my expectations. 

Our protagonist Natalie is totally uncomfortable in herself. Her most recent relationship is long since over and she’s become disillusioned with her career as a teacher. She decides to pack up her bags and go traveling. She is suffering with quite a serious eating disorder and body dysmorphia which is only exasperated by the loss of control she feels in foreign countries.
Through her travels Natalie begins to regain her voice and her confidence returns, she learns to be kinder to herself. This book is a raw and compelling portrayal of the journey we are forced to take in pursuit of acceptance, both in the world around us and within our own skin. 
*one criticism I have is that there were various unresolved and quite random storylines that felt a bit pointless in the book. 


You have probably heard of the latest book by Bernardine Evaristo Girl, Woman, Other. Her older novels don’t get as much love and I think this is a huge shame as they are arguably even better. This novel views roman London through the eyes of a vivacious young Nubian teen who is determined not to become the property of any man. The Emperors babe is a book entirely in verse. It is magical, lyrical and totally full of lust, love and sorrow. The commentary is feminist; is it modern and it is ancient. I loved it.


Ok Question. Has anyone else been low key obsessed with Jane the Virgin? I have watched this fricking awesome series all the way through more times than I would like to admit in public. 

If like me your go to comfort is the TeleNovela then this book is for you. It is the ultimate escapism.

You Had Me at Hola follows two big telenovela stars living in New York. Jasmine and Ashton are new co-stars who have just begun filming a new Telenovela ‘Carmen in Charge’. Both Jasmine and Ashton have good reasons not to get involved with each other, to remain professional and stay out of the media spot-light but their chemistry is undeniable. This super sexy romance is everything I needed to read right now.

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