I want jetlag.

I want long laborious transfers.

I want crooked neck and cramp from economy seats.

I want powdered eggs and instant coffee on a tray.

I want sticky leather stuck to sweaty backs.

I want sunburn.

I want to moan ‘are we there yet’.

I want liquids in a sandwich bag.

I want the disorientation of cultures new.

I want long lines, crowded spaces.

I want delays in dirty terminals, sat waiting on dusty floors.

I want sleepless nights and sleepy days.

I want to misinterpret new languages.

I want to over pack, under pack.

I want to lift heavy cases from conveyer belts.

I want monsoon seasons. Over cast days. Cloudy starts.

I want to wonder dodgy streets.

I want to feel small in the face of it all.

I want the unknown.

I want to long for home again.

I want to get lost.

I want adventure, in all it’s glory, the good with the bad.

I want to feel it all.


One day.

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