I am someone who always writes a list of resolutions for January the first, often these little lists sit abandoned and gathering dust by February the first but I like to have them anyway as sign of good intentions and organisation as the New Year arrives.

This year I didn’t write anything. I didnt even consider anything I might like to include on a list. It didn’t occur to me because I feel as though 2020 passed us by in a blur, as though the year never really happened at all. If it had occurred to me however I would have made the active decision to avoid it this year and here is why.

Writing resolutions means that there is something you are not happy with in your life, something which you feel you need to change, adapt, adjust or scrap all together. These resolutions are normally things like, lose weight, eat less shit, go to the gym more often. Resolutions ask you to work harder on yourself, learn a new skill, make more of an effort, be less like current you.

There are an abundance of things I hope will change this year, so much that I want from 2021 that I did not have in 2020 but the big difference this year is that the majority of those things are out of my control. I can write as many lists as I want, be as organised, strict and ruthless as its possible to be and nothing much will change.

2020 was a year in which we lost so much, most of these things not even luxuries, we had so many basic necessities taken away without warning. This year has taken its toll on us all.

So I say this year, lets not force ourselves to make resolutions. Do whatever you need to do to get you through the day and don’t berate yourself for those choices. Times are hard. In simply surviving 2020 you have achieved something. You have been brave. You have been strong. You have made it in to the New Year and for now, that is enough.

Lets hope that 2021 brings better things for us all.

Stay safe and Happy New Year.

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