I will read absolutely anything. I love getting recommendations from friends,family, bookstagram or seeing what my favourite authors are reading as that is normally a pretty good indicator I will like that book too. My preference is and always will be fiction because it is a greater escape from reality and that is one of the motivations for, and reasons why I love reading. Having said that there are plenty of non-fiction books I have adored and have a permanent spot on my list of favourites. Non-fiction offers the reader the chance to learn and to experience as well as giving us an insight in to something which we might know very little about before reading.

Here are my top ten non-fiction recommendations for November.

SAPIENS by Yuval Noah Harari

Sapiens is a brief history of Humankind based on a series of lectures given by Yuval Noah Harari. This is such a bold and provocative book in which we explore three main questions. Who are we? How did we get here? Where are we going. This is book is aimed at people who are interested in science or history but I would recommend reading this if you are a human. One of the great books of our time.


This multicultural book travels from Algeria to Brighton, UK. It includes essays, poems, opinions and stories written by twenty two Muslim women who are empowered and strong in the face of media misreprepresenation and unforgivable acts of islamophobia. They are fierce, unapologetic and endlessly inspiring. This book shows us how powerful the search for belonging can be.


This is a really well written memoir by Australian journalist Leigh Sales. As a result of her career, she often interviews people during the worst periods of their lives. After encountering one particularly bad streak of news stories coupled with a scary look at her own mortality Leigh began asking the question ‘When the worst does happen, what comes next?’ What do we do when trauma interrupts our life? Although this sounds quite dark, there are wonderful moments of lightness and the book is ultimately a profound look at love and resilience.


This book is a wonderfully written collection of writings by from fifty two different well-known women. The participants of the book range from actors to activists, writers to influencers all sharing their stories. The book includes poetry, fiction, anecdotes and essays which all relate to feminism in some way. It is a really great first book in understanding what it means to be a feminist and why we need feminism in the first place. It is compelling, powerful and necessary to read.


I don’t normally love self-help books, I find they often contain little real insight. This book however is one of the best I have read on what it means to live with high anxiety. If you have ever suffered with anxiety or are someone that struggles to understand it, you must read this. Sarah Wilsons writing is well researched, authentic and personal. It is full of her own experience AND possible solutions. It is a very relatable and comforting read.


I talk about this book all the time. It is by far my favourite non-fiction. This wonderful book is the absolute perfect lockdown read. It is a collection of diary entries written by comedian Adam Kay as he completed his medical training. It is totally raw and hilarious, giving us an insightful look at life on the wards. Kay tells us stories of his time as a doctor with visceral honesty, reminding us of the amazing work our NHS doctors do, all is which is sadly under-paid and under-appreciated. Must reads.

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