Last year after a bout of intolerable anxiety, I was recommended CBD oil by a friend who had started using it to help her with chronic insomnia. She absolutely swore by the product and said she would take bets on it becoming the next big thing prescribed and sold mainstream in the UK. A year down the line and CBD is much more readily available but whilst we know a lot more about the benefits of this progressive ingredient and it’s positive reputation, many people still seem reluctant to give it a try.

I think the reason some people unnecessarily avoid CBD is because they dont know enough about it, they associate it with the drug or are simply nervous about trying something new. I am a convert and use these products daily but I wanted to know more about this infamous ingredient so I did a bit of research on what CBD actually is and how it can benefit our bodies, minds and day to day lives.

What actually is CBD?

The benefits of CBD are said to help with anxiety and stress, aid sleep and help to receive pain. CBD is also advertised as providing relief for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

It is really important to point out that while CBD can be derived from cannabis (and hemp) they are two different products. CBD contains no psychoactive properties so won’t get you stoned. CBD is short for cannabidiol and is one of the active ingredients found in hemp and cannabis. CBD products, in case you didn’t know, are sourced from raw hemp plant material. Hemp and marijuana both belong to the Cannabis family, but the major exception is that hemp is the non-flowering version of the herb, while marijuana is the flowering, THC.


This month I have expanded my search for CBD products that work for me and tried a new brand called Naturecan. This is an all natural company which uses hemp that is grown in the USA under highly controlled conditions and tested in one of the most regulated markets in the world. They have tons of exciting products on their website including snacks, beauty products and the one I originally fell in love with, the oil. I will include a link to their website and Instagram so you can have another look later.

The products below are the ones I have tried and tested for you already.


The clay mask was my favourite products that I tried. Face masks often give me breakouts despite claiming to do the exact opposite on the packaging. The Naturecan clay mask is designed for all skin types and uses an Anti-inflamatory formulation with Aloe Vera to improve the appearance of blemishes or skin irritations. I have been using this at night and found it so soothing on sore skin.


This is such a handy product. It can be used over your entire body. It is recommended for sore joints, aches, pains and small injuries. It can also be used to help heal minor wounds, bites, blemishes or sunburn. This multi-use product reminds me a little bit of Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream because it really is a one bottle cures all. This is a great little travel product.


BIG NEWS. I have suffered from adult acne for the entirety of my twenties, I have tried every single expensive lotion, potion, serum and cream that have EVER been made. It has been a painful, unrelenting journey and I had just about given up. Something about this moisturiser agrees with my skin. Every face is totally different so while I cannot promise it will do the same for you, what I will tell you is that this cream, brightens skin while soothing irritations and the anti-inflammatory effects help to soothe painful spots or irritations.


This product uses Shea Butter and Coconut Oil to help with dry, flakey or chapped lips. It is a great little lip balm to have in your bag at all times in this chilly weather. I like to think of myself as somewhat of a lip balm connoisseur and I have to say, this is not my favourite balm in the world HOWEVER if you are someone who hates having shiny, oily lips but want the soothing effect of a balm, this one is for you.

Check out more Naturecan products using the below.

Instagram; @naturecanofficial

Website; uk.Naturecan.com

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