Did you know that out of 16 available texts on the GSCE curriculum, only 1 is by a woman? How can we expect women and girls to be empowered if they’re not represented in the books they’re reading, and the stories they’re engaging with? How far have we actually moved since women wrote under men’s names to be taken seriously?

If you havent heard of Books That Matter, please keep reading. Books That Matter is the UK’S number one book subscription service that makes women’s writing a priority. It works to bring female-led fiction to thousands of women world wide. They were founded in order to create change in the publishing and bookselling industries and stop the majority of narratives being centred around men. They want young woman to feel powerful and know that it is totally possibly for them to succeed as a creative. As an aspiring novelist, I love the work that this company does and the message they send to young women.

Books That Matter is such a unique and fabulous brand. If you subscribe you can receive one box each month. Every box you receive is a different theme specifically to educate and empower. The box is just £17 a month and in that box is a book by a female author and at least 3 themed gifts by independent female creatives.

I’ve just received my box this month and I am in love! The boxes are so beautifully designed as are each of the unique gifts inside. For me the main attraction to Books That Matter is the opportunity to be introduced to feminist titles I might not necessarily choose on my own. The theme this month is ‘Hear Her‘ and it includes SO many stunning gifts including note book, bookmark, post cards and face covering. It feels like Christmas has come early.

There are two books this month, there is a small book of speeches by the infamous Greta Thunberg and The Inland Sea by Madeline Watts. This is a fierce and beautiful debut novel about our capacity to hurt not only ourselves but each other and the world around us. This is a fiction book on dealing with the climate crisis which is one of the first of its kind. Hugely important read.

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