If, like me, you have been hauled up in the house since February with your significant other, then, like me, you are probably finding each other a liiiiitttlleeeee bit irritating. It is not normal, nor healthy to spend twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, in the company of another person. Most especially when those weeks drag on in to months. You are probably not seeing any one else, the chances are neither of you have been going to work which means it is difficult to find anything to talk about besides what you’re having for dinner. This is normal. If you find yourself bickering more than usual or that you have a much shorter fuse than you remember, don’t panic. You have just been living in 2020. The two of you have probably forgotten what date night looks like and on top of that, how to make an effort for the other person. Personally, I have been living in leggings, fluffy socks and a hoodie for 90% of the past few months and loving it. Sometimes i’ll stay in my pajamas until lunch time, and why shouldn’t we? It’s not like we have anywhere else to go. It is however important for any relationship, regardless of lockdown, to continue making an effort for the other person. To try and maintain the romance despite probably being a bit fed up of the sight of them.

If you are not in a relationship and have been trying to date during the pandemic then you really have had your work cut out. You guys have been restricted to online dating, which although convenient, certainly has its flaws, most especially when the only date options have been a socially distanced walk or perhaps inviting them to join your weekly zoom quiz. The prospect of that first kiss has gone from being an exciting way to end the date to a sure-fire way to catch a deadly virus. It’s all very sexy. Point is, dating was not made for a pandemic and if you have been struggling, you certainly aren’t alone.

Below are my tips for spicing up date night at home, things you can try without spending too much money or, even leaving the house. These are great if you need a reminder of the fun in your relationship OR some ideas for first dates as we head in to the ‘new normal’.


I mean the works, three course dinner for two. A lot of places are offering take away ingredients with a recipe, they deliver to your door like a takeaway but instead, you do the fun bit, putting it all together. Not only is this healthier, more enjoyable and something you can do together, it is also a great new recipe to put in your repertoire.


Sticking with the topic of food, if you do want to brave the outdoors as things start to reopen again, you might want to plan date night between Monday-Wednesday on which days you will get 50% off your meal in the name of saving the economy. Savvy and sexy.


Get a few of the basic ingredients and try and make each other a cocktail which you think best describes the other person. No points for a Pornstar Martini.


I vote Harry Potter. Every. Single. Time.

Even better than this. Find a drive in or outdoor cinema near you, these are perfect options for a date night in the current climate as you are still able to distance while getting the atmosphere of heading out.


Who said you can’t bring the spa to you? Run a bubble bath, get some facemasks. Massage oils. The works.


….In the kitchen. If you are anything like us, then you won’t have worn anything ‘nice’ in months. I have actually forgotten what I have in my wardrobe, how to walk in heels, and likely can’t do up my jeans anymore. Just because you are at home however, doesn’t mean that you can’t get ready for date night.


Its always fun to create something right? You could decorate a room in the house? Paint? Paint each other?

Try building one of those Ikea flat packs? Don’t people say if you can survive that as a couple you can survive anything?

Good luck…


Get out some of the old classics. Cluedo, Monopoly, scrabble? Or a new one, Cards against humanity, Buzzed Out? That game where you shove a plastic contraption in your mouth so you cant speak properly and the other players have to guess what you’re saying? Do you know the one I mean? Maybe avoid this one if it is a first date.

Add a drinking game to the mix and you’ve got yourself a party.


If you happen to be reading this during one of the two sunny weeks we have during English summer, then why not head out for a picnic. Pack some beers, plenty of snacks and go eat it somewhere nice in the sunshine. It’s just your regular dinner, but outside and it somehow that makes it so much more enjoyable.


Most places are reopening now, you could book a crazy golf course, or real golf if, unlike me, you can actually play.

Find somewhere beautiful and go for a hike or bike ride together. No rules against this, healthy and you can avoid people. Perfect pandemic date. As of last month swimming pools have reopened – are there any lidos near you?


Why not visit somewhere new for the day? You could drive to your nearest beach and explore the coast line, grab an ice cream and some fish and chips before watching the sunset from the car?

Have fun xo

affection benches black and white boardwalk
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