Is it just me or do you feel like you are being bombarded with weight loss adverts at the moment? Everywhere I look I see drastic slimming measures, dangerous dieting techniques or those influencers that plaster bikini pictures all over your Instagram feed and swear that their success lies solely with a branded skinny tea? I even read an article last week encouraging young girls to live on some kind of Jelly Baby. As a result of this relentless stream of body shaming, I have seen dozens of people going on about gaining ‘lockdown weight’ as if its the worst possible thing to happen right now. HELLO. We are in the middle of a pandemic guys. People are dying left right and center. Workers are losing jobs. Companies are shutting down. The government is slowly fucking things up. We are using every last ounce of energy we have, to keep going while separated from friends and family. We can’t even find any bloody toilet roll. The last thing you need to worry about, beautiful people, is carrying a little extra weight.

Over the last few months I have spoken with various different friends and had the same conversations. Everyone is very concerned about their ever growing double chins. This is not even exclusive to women. It seems we have all been berating ourselves far more than usual for those few extra pounds. People are constantly beating themselves up for not moving as much as normal, being lethargic, unmotivated or, like most of us, just feeling generally shit and can’t be arsed doing star jumps in the living room.

It seems obvious that we have been reaching for the snack cupboard more regularly than usual or having that extra glass of wine. We have been stuck in the house for months, unable to see anyone, go to work or keep ourselves busy by doing anything other than opening and closing the fridge. Not to mention all the gyms are shut. Come on people, give yourselves a break, if you can’t do up the zip on your jeans at the moment. We can all empathise.

FYI, I literally can’t stop eating those cheesy shapes you used to get at kids parties in the 90’s‘. (85p in Tesco. Thank me later). 

I am slowly trying to un-teach myself some of those poisonous lessons that we all learnt growing up. We must refute the idea that our bodies can be anything other than amazing, regardless of shape, size or lockdown. We must too, refute the idea, that they can be in any way categorized as wrong or imperfect. Those words are, at the end of the day, meaningless because unless your body is stopping you doing something like, I don’t know, breathing, then it probably works just fine as it is. Being a human at the moment is just so exhausting. Don’t make it harder for yourself. Bodies are just bodies and quite frankly, we are nervous about enough things as it is without worrying about a bit of upper arm fat or the fact that all we can wear right now are old grey joggers.

We have to focus on what is actually important, and try to ignore the barrage of body shaming that surrounds us each day.

Do what you need to do to survive this thing.


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