The festive period is well in the past. Another year has come and gone. 2020 is underway and with that comes the expiration date of our last decade. It seems we can never quite believe that it could be new year again already, we never know where the time has gone, yet here we are again. With that  in mind I have been thinking about the year just gone as well as the nine years prior to that and asking myself what the past ten years have given to us, to society. What has it really gifted to a generation of young people?

Social media? Instagram? The ability to look solely for likes rather than memories, to see flaws over qualities, beauty over brains, lust over love, the possibility of taking a good picture while letting your delicious food go cold in front of you? I could go on. This longing to devour one pretty object and move on to the next, chasing a unattainable idea of what our ‘perfect’ life should be is leaving a world full of malnourished people. Devoid of any kind of real connections or self worth.

Today we are taught from such a young age that we should fill out life with the shinniest newest, state of the art things. Beauty for the sake of beauty. It is no wonder then that we so often mistake the things which our eyes find so ascetically pleasing with the things our hearts and bodies actually crave and require.  Yes, a decade has passed and it has given us social media, it has made us all clones of each other. ‘An instagram face’ a face that could be made out of clay, a poreless, plump, coy face which stares blankly out of our screens. This face has created society of fillers and filters, edits and angles, likes and follows, blue ticks and influencers.  It asks us to ajust our own bodies to replicate what we see. They want us to go through painful, rigorous manipulation of our bodies to create something that represents little more than money. Our lives are predominantly online and are there ready and waiting to be judged by the world. We make ourselves vulnerable and open for criticism, for pointless validation from people who actually dont know us at all. They, we base our options on a number of small photos which we upload in order to show ourselves  in the best light.

Is this a healthy end of our decade?

It is so important then, given that this is unlikely to change in to the foreseeable future, to look beyond, to look deeper, to find love within a culture that is so obsessed by lust. Find more than beauty, find a connection which can’t be tarnished by time.

If you want genuine beauty, the kind of beauty that isn’t short lived or dependant on age online popularity or time. Then just sit with someone, let them touch you, not physically, no, anyone can do that. Let them touch you mentally. Look them in the eye. Sit with someone and let them have you, not tangibly but on a soul level.  Let them tell you about their deepest fears, the regrets that make their voice crack, the memories which make their eyes crinkle and their lips turn up in to a smile they can’t hide. Let them share their childhood, the hearts they have broken. Let them tell you about their children, their hopes and dreams. Ask them what they believe in and why. See the stretch marks which bore their babies, see the scars which saved their lives, see the laughter lines which tell stories of a lifetime of smiles, see the way their eyes sparkle when they speak about their passions, ask them which songs make them cry, if they had their time again, what would they change?

Why? Because only then you will understand why lust and beauty is just so dull, its so cliche. Only then will you understand what connection is, what love is, what it is like to be more than pixels on an online page.

Then you will know how the next ten years should be lived, full of real people, real beauty, real connections.

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