Your mat is your own private island.

Inhale and take the plunge in to the cool water of your paradise.

This space is yours to explore as you please. You can come and go as you wish, the island isn’t going to go anywhere, it will be waiting for you, exactly as you left it whenever you choose to return. You should take the adventure at your own pace. No one is around to judge you, to tell you that you’re going the wrong way, doing the wrong thing, wearing the wrong outfit. No, this space is yours to design. There is no correct way to go. Time is not an issue for you on the island, you have all day, week, month, year, possibly your whole lifetime in which to visit the island, to discover every twist and turn there is.

You’ll learn the places that you love, the places which are easy to get to, to stay in, so easy in fact you could hang out there all day. Jump in and out whenever you like. You’ll discover the places which you can come away from feeling light, rejuvenated, refreshed and alive.

There will also be bends, off the beaten track, these you will need to navigate carefully so as not to hurt yourself, although this path may be treacherous, it is possible and the reward ย is always worth the struggle. You’ll observe the world differently from the top of these tricky paths, the views are enlightening.

On your island there is no traffic, no fast cars, no stop signs. There is no alarm clock, no boss to look over your shoulder. There are no emails to check, no messages to reply to, no social media to scroll through. There is no small talk, no deadlines, no stress.

You are there alone, yet this is not a lonely place.

You will, as with every island, encounter dark and scary spots and these you may feel are to be avoided, to steer clear from forever more, or, you just may find that the more frequently you pass by these ominous areas, the braver you feel until eventually you are courageous enough to visit openly from time to time.

Both are ok.

Take time to visit your island, to prune and perfect your space. To make it strong and healthy. Allow your island to flourish and grow to expand and create. Treat your island like home, because that is what it will be. Always there to ground you and give you shelter should you need it.

Exhale and surrender to the calm of your island.


Your mat is your own private island.ย 


aerial photo of islands on sea
Photo by stijn on

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  1. orchardpd says:

    I used this blog’s message, particularly ‘no one is around to judge you’ and ‘space is yours to explore’, when delivering a recent Creative Thinking Workshop. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad you enjoyed it ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚


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