Dear sleep,

I haven’t seen you for a while..

You used to visit me so frequently, you’d greet me from work at the end of the day, welcome me home, you’d envelop me on the sofa and carry me safely off to bed in your robust arms, ready for a night of twilight adventures only the two of us could share.

My friends and family were frequently jealous of our relationship, wishing they could have something similar, something as reliable, steadfast and reciprocated. They’d regularly tell me how lucky I was, to have you faithfully, habitually there, they’d remind me how few people have what we share.

I have always been loyal to you, I don’t stay out late, I never ask you to wait up and you are ceaselessly who I come home for. Yet, these last few weeks you seem to have neglected me, you’re no longer there when I need you, and believe me, I do need you. You’ve been staying away much later in to the night with god knows who then come morning leaving me alone in bed, staring up at the ceiling, wide eyed and perplexed, wondering what is it that I could have done to offend you so.

Is it my overthinking? My inability to stem the flow of thoughts cascading through my mind? I see now that what you wanted was my undivided attention, time to relax just us two. I have not shown enough gratitude for your devotion, my mind has been else where, it is true.

Know this, you make my days better, easier and much more productive, you make me a more passionate, creative and positive person. Im not afraid to say you really are my better half. You energise my days and reboot my mind of a night. You make me feel healthy, strong and secure. I need you back in my life.

If it’s not too much to ask id be grateful if we can rekindle our relationship, I have grown very attached to you and your allegiance means a lot to me. I miss waking up in our warm sheets, revelling in our night together.

Come by for a catch up this week if you’re free, I want to share my dreams with you.

Your sleep deprived lover.

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  1. Shirin says:

    Can relate to this a lot at the moment. By far my favourite one yet!!! 😊


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