I have a pet procrastination, do you?

I didn’t particularly want one, Ive heard about them before, my friends have had their own procrastination pets and they don’t have a positive word to say about theirs, they give no rave reviews, don’t like to take them out in public and have even tried to abandon their procrastination with others or in shelters designed to house these wriggly little critters.

They told me they are most inconvenient and really tie you down. They distract you with their constant need for attention and ruin all your best laid ideas and plans.  They keep you busy when you really must work, they demand that you totally immerse yourself in them and their ideas.

Mine came to me one day, on a Sunday morning. It was a day I had reserved to finish a vitally important essay which was due to be handed in at university. I had minimal time and maximum work. Not a day you’d pick for pet shopping.

He arrived in my house, uninvited and unwelcome. He came trampling all over my laptop looking innocent and cute, he covered my work, hid it from view and typed random words and searches in to google with his huge fury paws. We looked at the results of those searches together for while. Just for fun. Maybe he wasn’t so bad?

I guess I enjoyed the distraction at first, we had fun, we made some food, watched a movie on the sofa and even went for a long walk, he seemed tired after so we napped for the rest of the day. When I awoke I knew It had been a mistake to spend my day with him, to allow him in to my home and not to have listened to my friends warnings.

You better think long and hard before you let one in to your life. 

After all procrastination isn’t just for christmas.

I have a pet procrastination, do you?

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