We are old friends, inspiration and I.

We used to date on and off during high school. He was my first love. I’d never met anyone so spontaneous, creative and provocative. He had an unrivalled ability to beautify anyone or anything he touched with his unique and elusive charm. He modestly demonstrated the most exquisite imagination the rest of us can only dream of replicating in time. He was easy to love.

He’d visit me at home from time to time when I was doing my homework, he would secretly share the answers with me while I wrote essays and struggled through text books. Sometimes he would help me in art class, he’d paint and design when I believed I couldn’t do it, he’d get me the validation I required.

I won’t let him take full credit but I couldn’t have done it alone.

As I grew older he would meet me on Friday nights while I was getting ready to head out and talk me through my outfit choices. He had the most impeccable fashion sense, the devil is in the detail. Maybe try these shoes with that top he’d say under his breath. I don’t know how I got ready each morning without Inspiration by my side.

Time passed and our relationship blossomed, we didn’t see each other frequently but I knew he would be there when ever I called. He helped me through university,  with job interviews, with travel ideas, he carved my path in life with me and gave ambitious goals to aim for.

Then one day, I couldn’t get hold of Inspiration anymore? It seemed I had put too much faith in him, in his love for me. We lost touch. Months and months passed. Our communication diminished along with my motivation and vision.

I have been devastated by the break down in our relationship, I had no idea what I’d done wrong or why he’d decided to abandon me during my time of need. I have always considered myself a loyal friend, always there, always enamoured by his talents, always needing him and his wonderful sparks of creativity.

Then it hit me.

I have been selfish. Arrogant. I have been taking everything from inspiration and giving nothing in return. I have expected him to be dependable and generous and empathetic without showing him how much I valued his input in my life.

This week I got back in touch with my old friend inspiration, I apologized for my lack of contact over the last few months and asked if he thought we could rekindle our relationship? I told him I’d be so grateful for his company and advice over the weeks to come and that I thought he would always be the perfect man for me. I promised to show him unyielding loyalty, to work hard every day to prove my devotion to him and to our future plans.

I’ll be with you he whispered, every step of the way.

analysis blackboard board bubble

#flashfiction #shortstory #inspiration

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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  1. Clever story. I wish you and Inspiration a long, loving relationship.

    Liked by 1 person

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