I have always been one to over pack, both my suitcase and myself, only to realise too late that I may not be able to support the weight.

I pack for others too, I am generous in my ability to carry an extra load, I fill every available space with their baggage, I roll their problems in to small balls to save on space, to fit more in. I fold their worries in to neat layers along with my own, being sure not to crease or wrinkle or distort others belongings.

Socks and disquiet, towels and concerns, shampoo and conditioner with pros and cons, spare pairs of underwear with doubts, and emergency snacks with dates to remember.

The list continues.

There are an abundance of items to remember for every journey, each trip out of the house, copious amounts of thoughts and things, some bulky some benign. Often reinforcements must be added to aid the haul, to keep it afloat.

I cram my rucksack full and sling it across by back pretending that either, it is light or that I am strong.

Stronger than it is necessary to be.

grayscale photo of two hiking backpackers
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