ocean water
Photo by Concept Production on Pexels.com

The colour is what I saw first.

The colour is what caught my attention.

The colour is what anchored me in place.

Its not often you see a new colour, something unique and bewitching. I assumed I had seen every pigment, every combination but I was wrong and that is what took me by surprise.

Regardless of what the future holds, the memory of the first encounter with my new colour will never fade. When people ask me, ‘what is your favourite shade’ I will imagine the water and never be able to do it justice with words alone.

The inky ensemble of blues and greens merge together, the darker patches show how deep it goes, a bottomless pit of profound energy waiting for me to dive in and explore.

The enchanting mystery of the colour, flows out, spilling some secrets at first glance, its captivating and begs me to submerge myself and learn more.

When the light touches the colour twinkles, an effortless smile, a glimpse of the summer on the coldest of days.

When I feel lost, I picture the colour, a safe place, the calm on the choppiest of seas.

A juxtaposition, warmed by sharp blue and vivid green.


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  1. nathan buck says:

    Very well done


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