Creativity /kri:ei’tiviti/

noun-The use of imagination or original ideas to create something inventive. 

man and boy painting the wall
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So, I recently came across an article which discussed creativity and creative people in general. It spoke about the way in which people view themselves and their abilities when it comes to creativity as well as the essence of creating itself.

Let me give you an example of something surprising I read; people imagine that creativity is only about art, painting, sculpting, drawing, marketing, advertising, basically making something aesthetically pleasing.  

They believe that only a lucky few are blessed with the ‘creative gene’ and those people alone are the ones who have the talent to make anything original or visionary. A man commented that he had never been the ‘inventive’ type, he had never had the skills needed to form ‘cutting edge’ ideas or projects.

This got me thinking.

We show our productions daily without even realising. Could it be a glazed new ceramic bowl, maybe you’re making a new recipe from scratch, you could be redesigning the house (building an Ikea flat pack..), making a birthday card for a grandparent or carefully selecting a unique Saturday night outfit…all of these things require the same originality as any other creative pursuit.

If you can do these, you’re creative. End of.

Being creative is a deceptively terrifying thing. You’re laying yourself naked on a plate, ready for invasive critique and judgement, which is daunting to say the least. The same fear applies if you are creating for work, for friends, for your children or even if it’s just for fun. The concept is still the same. You’re opening the door for people to say that your best, something you’ve made tangible, is not good enough, it’s not up to scratch. This is something that’s inevitably hard to swallow.


It seems people have given up on the idea that it is always possible to learn a new skill, that it is possible to excel or succeed at different things at any stage of life regardless if this has never been something you’ve been proficient at before. They also lack the confidence in their own abilities which are always more than adequate. My message here is try, be resilient and give it a go. The good thing in creating is that there really are no right or wrong answers. Perfect is different in the eyes of every individual so who’s to say you’re not.

Share your work, share yourself and your ideas, is the worst case scenario really that bad? Imagine what the positives could be?






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  1. Really good piece! You are so right. It can be scary to share your creativity, but we are all creative in our own way. You’re never too old to learn! ☺️👏


    1. Btw I love love love Big Magic!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you 😘Such a beautiful book isn’t it!!!!!


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