She is, as many women are, full of fierce contradictions.

She is all seeing, yet never seen, she is wild, strong and powerful, yet soft, light and calm.

She is ominous, unpredictable and callous, yet alluring, bewitching and sublime.

You can feel her all around you, touching your skin with her efficacious hands, kissing your mouth with her controlling lips, brushing hair from your face with forceful contact.

Dont test her patience, you can’t trust this woman, she is unemotional, erratic and detached.

She is a home wrecker, a heart breaker and a troublemaker.

She can cool any heat with a lick of her tongue, seduce you with her smile and extinguish any flame with a flick of her hair.

You will follow where she goes.

She is omnipresent.

She is free.

She is a force to be reckoned with…

Book to read: women who run with wolves by Clara Pinkola Estes

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